background to botanic

Botanic was opened in January 2018 by Emma; a self-employed ecologist with a Music degree and penchant for bats, punk and plants.

After a few bad experiences of receiving plants through the post (e.g. Senecio rowleyanus arriving like a bag of garden peas…) and finding it difficult to source interesting plants locally sold by people who knew their plants, Emma decided to open a botanically themed shop with a focus on exotic and unusual indoor plants including foliage plants, cacti and succulents; the first of its kind in North Yorkshire.

Botanic has quickly become the go-to place for healthy, exotic and unusual house plants in York and has captured the hearts and minds of the residents of York and visitors to our beautiful city.

Team Botanic expanded in May and now comprises of four highly knowledgeable house plant enthusiasts. Between Alice, Carlos, Emma and Nic, there are over 400 plants in their own homes so they have first hand experience of caring for many different species of house plant. Meet the Botanic team here!